I’m Meredith - your Tucson wedding photographer. I once stuck my hand in a Porta Potty to fish out a wedding ring. True story. That's the kinda dedication I bring to my clients. And I love serving the world by artfully capturing moments that share your story honestly, with artistry and dignity.

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As a Tucson wedding photographer, I’m given the honor of being present at some of the most important days of your life. The day you celebrate the hard work it’s taken (and the freakin celebration it is!) to marry the one you love. My photography style is about artfully capturing moments of connection. I notice moments that otherwise would go forgotten like the look on your face when you put your wedding dress on for the first time, all of your friends raising a whiskey toast in your honor, a hug and smile of radiance as your mom embraces you after walking back down the aisle. These are the moments you’ll wanna hold on to.

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As a Tucson engagement photographer, I’ve always been inspired by the beautiful intricacies that make up our life stories; the objects we choose to keep, the activities we do together that make us unique, and all the raw realness in between. So I approach my portraits unposed, intentionally laid-back in order to capture the authentic connections between you and the ones you love.

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Senior portraits

I'm your go-to Tucson senior portrait photographer! I specialize in unique, colorful, high school senior portraits*      

It’s an opportunity for us to work one-on-one, dance a little, laugh a lot, NEVER awkward pose, and capture the beauty and uniqueness of who you are in this special season of life while celebrating what comes next!

*I am no longer booking on campus, college graduation photos but would love to talk to you if you're in need of high school senior portraits.


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